Lars SilberbauerLars Silberbauer holds the position of Global Social Media Strategist at LEGO Group.
His fields of interest are social media, corporate communication, corporate branding, strategy and innovation.
Besides working on numerous social media projects and with digital media. He has been working as Creative Project Manager of the light projections at the new Concert Hall in DR Byen. The Concert Hall is build by the french architect Jean Nouvel who has create a world class Concert Hall where architecture and media are closely connected.
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Lars has recently completed a innovative corporate digital signage solution that integrate visual artists and corporate branding. He has previously been working with knowledge management, SEO, corporate blogging, prototyping and innovation.

Lars has a BA in Media Science and a MA in Computer Media Science from the University of Copenhagen and holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Copenhagen Business School (HD in Innovation and Organizational Change).

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