Don’t Throw a Brick Straight Up…

Politics are amazing, you gotta f….. love it.

I just stumbled across this beautiful and completely self contradictory article from the (supposed to be impartial) commentator Ralf Pittelkow.

Ralf Pittelkow article
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In the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten he is analyzing the campaigns for the upcoming election and today he wrote this piece of art

If you don’t want to read the article, here’s a recap:

The Danish tv-channels are not acting fair and objective towards the current government. Instead they are (un)consciously supporting the opposition. This happens because of the fact that most journalists, according to Pittelkow, have a leftwing bias and that they cannot act professionally and separate their personal opinions and their daytime job. I won’t judge whether Pittelkow is right or wrong, because of my job at DR, but I would like to give a piece of free advice:

If you want to attack media institutions and question journalists’ ability to be professional, fair and objective, you are not helping yourself by placing the attack on the same webpage as your wife’s pro-government banner-ad. Pittelkow’s wife (and co-writer on a book about the dangers of Islam) is the current Minister of Social affairs…

Maybe I’m just being silly, but in my opinion it’s not gonna fly ;-)

Note to wanna-be credible media commentator:
- If spouse is campaigning for her political career
- Then check banner ads before questioning the motives of others….

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2 Responses to “Don’t Throw a Brick Straight Up…”

  1. 1 Kristian Tørning

    I think you are missing an important point seen from an interactivity and communications perspective. Despite they bad placement in this one example – the Venstre-youtube-player-ad is the best online ad of the whole election campaign.

    Basically you can surf their ad, without leaving the page the ad was placed on.

    You can see video of the Prime minister actually talking to people for instance:

    All other parties only did normal flat banner ads…

    The only thing they missed IMHO is the possibility to actually embed their videos. It would also be nice to be able to comment on the videos, but it’s probably SPAM hell to enable that sort of thing in an election campaign.

    I think the next election will be the election of real interactivity. We haven’t seen much of it yet in Denmark.

    There will be business opportunities :)

  2. 2 Lars Silberbauer

    The Danish TV channel TV2 has removed Ralf Pittelkow from his position as political analyst during this election.
    In their opinion it was becoming an issue whether or not Ralf Pittelkow was impartial.
    One might wonder: Why didn’t you think of that sooner?
    Anyway, the Danish newspaper “Jyllands Posten” will not take any action, because in their opinion:

    “We (Jyllands Posten) know Ralf Pittelkow and there has never been any issues concerning his comments. Besides, in our opinion the readers are fully informed of his marriage with Karen Jespersen (the Minister of Social Affairs). Based on this we are accepting that his wife is Minister in the present government.”

    The question must be: why are there two different opinions on this matter… ?

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