Nice one – Virgle!

Exciting news from Virgle: the new joint venture between Google and Virgin has announced their plans to build settlements on Mars!!

Nice April’s fool prank. But I really wish that it would be true! We’re getting really crowded here on Earth! But if it’s just going to be me and Richard Branson, I think I’ll just stay put here on the Blue Planet.

By the way, check out Kassei Valles. No apartments with ocean view available right now, but you are guaranteed a lot of red rocks for your rock collection.



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  1. 1 Klaus Silberbauer

    Looks darn nice, there Mister. Could you please give me a quote on 500 acres of that nice looking plain to the right? I wanna built myself a nice little ranch. Just a few hundred cattle maybe – let’s see… Red Jersey, that would make sense, I guess.

    But I want prime quality sand, you hear? No craters.

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