Axure 5 worth the buck

So, finally I had some time to work with Axure 5. And yes: It’s worth it. I don’t have time to do an extensive review, but features like Shared project (yes, with versioning and with no need for server support besides a LAN drive), improved flowcharting and a generally improved interface makes v5 a LOT cooler than v4. Also, the use of variables and the option to move around panels makes for some great effects. If you have the time, that is. Using these features WILL make your prototype pretty complex pretty quick.

Especially I like the palette undock feature. Now you can really use those 3 21″ monitors of yours :)

I have a few requests, though: Now as the flowchart feature is maturing and finally getting usable, please include support for Jesse James Garrett’s Visual Vocabulary. Only a few more symbols are needed. And, if possible: We need more glue points on the shapes – like in Visio.

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2 Responses to “Axure 5 worth the buck”

  1. 1 Jacob Hage

    I totally agree on the flowchart requests and I suppose you have notified the Axure-guys already – right?

    I have been forced to use Visio for the past three weeks (you know why), and if only Axure added the things you mention AND better handling of flow connectors it would definately outrule crappy Visio for good (in my book)

    The shared project feature is nice even if you’re working solo on a project. Voila instant backup and rollback-feature… no more filenames like “final”, “final2″ ;)

  2. 2 Klaus Silberbauer

    No need to mail them – the Axure guys read this blog :)

    And I agree with you: While Visio is quite strong on a lot of things, it feels heavy to work with.

    I’ll try the shared project thingy right away.

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