Creuna gets übercool new ID

Yesterday was C-day at Creuna. We launched our new identity and brand platform, and it rocks. Our Danish marketing department and the former Cobra part of Creuna Norway has toiled getting the ID ready. This is a great day for Creuna, as our new profile defines us as the Full-service Digital Agency that we are, and not as a dreary IT Consultancy as we were four years ago.

It’s cool, it’s creative and it’s bold. We no longer have a logo – we have a symbol that can vary indefinately. Every coworker at Creuna soon has the possibility of creating his or her own “skin and bone”- C-symbol with a software tool.

Visit or to see our new, more simple websites.

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  1. 1 Søren

    Synes det er god “medarbejder branding” at hver medarbejder bliver involveret i..og derved bliver en del af’s corporate identity…må dog indrømme at jeres nuværende logo minder forbavsende meget om teleselskabet 3′s logo/identitet :

    Det er dog stadig en sjov/unik ide.

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