Sonar 2008: A Mindblowing Experience!!!

So, I haven’t been posting for a couple of weeks because I’ve been extremely busy at work and at the same time had to finish my HD (Business diploma in Innovation and Management).

The Sonar Experience
But I have to share the experience I’ve had this weekend at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona. I went with a colleague to get some ideas to our the next big project which is to create a very large scale video projection solution in and on the new Jean Nouvel Concert House in Copenhagen.

How can I describe the Sonar Festival?….
In a few words: an utterly mind blowing experience!!
If you don’t take my word for it, then hear it from Miss Dubstep herself aka Mary Anne Hobbs from BBC1 in this clip from Sonar Night 2008.
YouTube Preview Image
And again, if you don’t think that this blond know what she is talking about then look at this clip I shot during the BBC1 Showcase at the festival Thursday night. Watch the crowd goes wild when she drops the bass line in around the middle of the clip.
YouTube Preview Image

The sound is of course terrible and can by no means give a real impression of the subsonic bass line which makes your nostrils spin – but the Sonar set of Mary Anne Hobbs, Flying Lotus, Shackleton and Mala is available on the BBC1 Sonar website or the direct link to the BBC1 Player. Check it out!!

What about the visuals?
There were a lot of visuals at the Sonar Night stages. I believe most of them were by Pfadfinderei which also gave a presentation at the Sonar Day Event about their work and methods for creating visuals. Great visual work with a big technical setup. The visuals worked great to enhance the musical experience. A small sample a recorded at the Sonar main stage.
YouTube Preview Image

The visuals were combined with a great ambient light setting created by gobo lights. This is a small clip from early in the evening when it wasn’t too crowded.
YouTube Preview Image

But is Sonar just a big rave party??
No, it’s so much more than that. It is SonarDay, SonarNight, SonarMatica, SonarPro, Showcases and much much more. But its too much to describe all the events taking place but take a lot at the gallery and then just sign up for next year and get the full experience. I will definitely be there!!

4 Responses to “Sonar 2008: A Mindblowing Experience!!!”

  1. 1 Thomas Dose

    I can only confirm – still ecstatic from BCN. Its worth pointing just how different an experience Sonar is from other music festivals that tends to be a challenge in endurance. Not Sonar!

    I’m booking the flight for june 2009 soon.

  2. 2 Darren Ousby

    As a music producer (D-Star) and someone who works for a leading digital signage company in the UK (Digital Signage UK) , thank you for informing me about Sonar…. I will be going to the 2009 event!



  3. 3 Lars Silberbauer

    Hi Darren,
    You should! It’s a really cool event. The program for the event is available here:
    Kind regards,

  4. 4 Lars Silberbauer

    Hi Darren,
    You should!! It’s a really cool event. The program is available on the Sonár website.


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