Countdown to the end of the world?

Tomorrow at this time we will know if the Large Hadron Collider in CERN will create a black hole as some scientists think it may do.

According to the guys in lab coats, it’s not very likely that this will happen (PDF). But these are the same kind of guys that invented niceties like asbestos, the h-bomb, CFC gasses and the thorium toothpaste.

So, If tomorrow you feel being very rapidly compressed into something just a little larger than a singularity, together with the most of the mass of our solar system, it’s a tell-tale sign that some CERN boffin didn’t do his algebra quite right. In that case: Remain calm and enjoy the feeling of being so attractive that even light and the fabric of space-time itself time can’t resist you. Revel in the feeling that McCain, Palin, and global warming can’t harm you any further.

Have a nice day.


Here’s a live webcam feed from CERN

2 Responses to “Countdown to the end of the world?”

  1. 1 Lars Silberbauer

    Neither Centrebet nor BWIN has opened for live betting on the event. But if anyone is ready for some serious betting then I’m ready to put a shitload of money on that the fact world is not collapsing today… Anyone?

  2. 2 Klaus Silberbauer

    Ladbrokes did take bets.

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