Picasa 3 is great – network support still sux, though

Picasa 3 is out (has been for a couple of weeks, I know. I’m a so late-follower).

Anyway: It’s splendid. It’s even smoother and faster than v. 2. Especially the new image preview, that if you want it to replaces Windows’ horrifically slow built-in image previewer is very, very cool. Almost Mac-like – which is, of course, good.

But, but, but… I so hoped that Google had fixed the network support so that scanning folders on servers (like my beloved Cubestation where my photos live) would work. But alas – Picasa still gets the hickups badly when trying to access a mounted drive letter.

It’s a shame. Picasa is an immensely good piece of software, but with the whole world going submicro-nano-laptop more and more people will have a NAS at home for important stuff that need a lot of space and that you don’t use everyday – and that you thus don’t want to lug around on your astronomic-cost-pr-MB solid state memory in your cool, new subnote.

Photos are exactly such stuff.

4 Responses to “Picasa 3 is great – network support still sux, though”

  1. 1 Martin

    What about Adobe Lightroom – tried it? A bit heavier to work with, but very competent. Works very well together with the other products in the Adobe suite, such as Photoshop, etc. We have it running at home, using a NAS Linkstation box in the wardrobe out back, and it does the job. Does utilize the network quite heavily though, which sometimes can become a bit irritating. Don’t know if that’s because of our wifi, or software…

  2. 2 Klaus Silberbauer

    Downloading the free trial as I write. Thanks.

  3. 3 Milan

    How did you get on with Lightroom? I think Picasa is almost perfect for my needs, the only thing I’m missing is network support as well. If they add this functionality then it would be great.

  4. 4 Klaus Silberbauer

    Tried it briefly, and then I switched to Mac :) So right now I’m on iPhoto, but I will have to try LR again soon.

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