My High School Band First Time on TV

For the first time in 10 years I’ve been playing with my old high school band ‘Cosmic Ride’… and this time – it was on TV!!!

Vocal: Kathrine Hesner
Bass: Lars Silberbauer
Guitarist: Mikkel Bøggild
Keys: Johannes Langkilde
Drums: Laust Orlemann
Title: ‘Black Coffee’

3 Responses to “My High School Band First Time on TV”

  1. 1 Klaus Silberbauer

    You still play a pretty mean bass, bro.

  2. 2 Lars Silberbauer

    Thanks! I’m still a bit rusty but hopefully there is not 10 years until we are gonna play again! ;-)

  3. 3 Jacob Hage

    Funky stuff!!

    Nice :)

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