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June 11 the City of Copenhagen will launch World Climate Community. This project needs all the publicity in the world.

World Climate Community will collect ideas and voices on climate from all over the world to let the politicians know that we’re for real and that this planet is too good to waste. The world’s leaders will gather in Copenhagen for COP15 in December and World Climate Community will help set the agenda.

Right now you can join the Facebook page and invite your friend to join too. And of course, after June 11 you should join the community and participate with your opinion, ideas and projects.

The community will launch at

2 Responses to “Support World Climate Community”

  1. 1 Edouard Lambelet

    Right !!!
    And remember what UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said in his Opening Address to the World Business Summit on Climate Change, 3 days ago in Copenhagen : “What the fence sitters and skeptics fail to understand is that climate change fundamentally changes the 21st century balance sheet…” .
    We need to generate the largest civic momentum, globally, prior to COP15 this December.

    (PS: Lars, Klaus, could you provide me with your direct email address ? Other stuff to exchange with you. Thx)


  2. 2 Klaus Silberbauer

    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for noticing the World Climate Community!
    You can reach me at klaus at silberbauer dot dk

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