LEGO Group is Number One in Denmark on Facebook

TV2 and Nodes have made this list over Facebook pages in Denmark and LEGO comes out on top! :)

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  1. 1 anna

    Ciao from Italy .. i growed up with Lego. I started to have my first lego in 1967 and i got for several years..trains, trucks, the first modern windows and street signal.. i still have all..the only problem are some gummy parts around lokomotive..i would like to have a new house in which i could build again with lego.. lego was my world..i dreamt to be a manager, am aircraft pilot .. i droved thousands of trains..I would like to speak about my lego and what represents for me …sometimes i think it would be wonderful to organize a conference in Billund all together .. a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG “LegoMeet”..
    Im a civil laywer nowaday, always with foot on the earth.. but i didnt stop to dream..
    Let me know if its possibile to make something of really special..
    many bricks and bricks..:)

  2. 2 Lars Silberbauer

    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for the amazing story about LEGO bricks :) I think we are many people that have dreamed and imagined about our future life when we played with LEGO bricks we were kids. Luckily it never grows old to play with LEGO bricks and meeting with others that play with LEGO sets.
    There are many LEGO fans meeting up and you can check out the ‘Event’ page on the Facebook page ( where we’ve just begun posting the upcoming event. Hopefully there will be some in Italy soon :)

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